The Seneca-Cayuga Tribal Seal

Seneca-Cayuga Logo
    At the center is the the Tree of Peace. A symbol of the Great Law of Peace.
    It is represented by the White Pine. It's roots grow and reach out into the four directions, so whoever wishes to seek out protection under it's branches can do so. Its color, green, stays year round, and will remain forever. Its branches will grow upward toward the sky, its message descends from the heavens and its words will grow upward and outward.The Tree of Peace stretches above the Iroquois Nation and shelters the people.
    The Eagle that sits on top of the tree is the protector for the people. He is a messenger of the Creator. He can see the farthest and fly the highest, when danger is near, the Eagle lets out a cry to the leaders that danger is approaching.
    The Tree of Peace is surrounded by a bear claw necklace – The necklace symbolizes power and strength.