Bassett Grove Ceremonial Grounds

      The Bassett Grove Ceremonial Grounds is listed on Oklahoma's National Register of Historic Places and Oklahoma Landmarks.
      Listed in registey, 7/20/1983.
      Located in the Delaware County.

      It is described as:
      The Bassett Grove Ceremonial Grounds have been in use by the SENECA-CAYUGA PEOPLE since 1832.
      It is here that some of their most important religious ceremonies take place each year.
      The oldest portion of the site includes the ceremonial grounds, demarcated by a limestone rock boundary built in 1835.
      There is also a small cemetery that contains several pre-1900 wooden markers and several more recent stone markers. More recent additions include a limestone cook house built in 1932, and a longhouse built in 1966 (replaces an orginal longhouse built in 1932) that is used for seating for various ceremonies.
      Resources:Oklahoma Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office

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