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Here you will find a brief history of the "Iroqouis/Seneca-Cayuga" Tribe of Oklahoma with a collection of historical documents. This growing collection covers topics of mythology, politics, and material culture.

17th Century

    1701, Grand Settlement Treaty of 1701. Peace treaties negotiated by Iroquois diplomats at Montreal and             Albany. Treaty reflected the Iroquois neutrality in the conflicts between the French and the British.
    1702-1713, Queen Anne's War
    1722, Tuscarora joins confederation to become known as the Six Nations
    1735, Treaty of Friendship, Peace, Trade and Amity is signed
    1744-1748 King George's War
    1756-1763 Seven Years' War
    1760 Treaty of Paris
    1768 Treaty was signed by the Six Nations and British at Ft. Stanwix, signed on behalf of the British by             Sir William Johnson
    1769 Boston Massacre
    1772 Boston Tea Party
    1775-1783, The American Revolutionary War
    1775 Six Nations Pledge neutrality
    1778, The Cherry Valley Massacre.
    1779, The Sullivan Campaign.
    1785, Population of Six Nations is 1600 Iroquois, 450 Mohawks, 380 Cayugas, 200 Onondagas, 165                 Oneidas, 125 Tuscaroras, 75 Senecas
    1788 George Washington inaugurated as first president.
    1791, Big Bottom Massacre.
    1794, The Battle of Fallen Timbers.
    1797 John Adams elected president.


    1850, The United States government purchased the panhandle lands from Texas.
    1854, The Indian Territory was limited to the area of what is now Oklahoma.
    1872, Railroads crossed the territory.
    1889, The Land run of 1889. The federal government purchased the Unassigned Lands from the Indians              and opened them for white settlement. The first and rush attracted about 50,000 people.
    1890-1906, The Organic Act of 1890 established the Oklahoma Territory.
    1893, 100,000 immigrants were attracted to northwestern Oklahoma when the Cherokee Outlet lands were              opened.
    1897, An oil boom began at Bartlesville, and thousands of new settlers arrived.
    1898, Spanish-American War, which was fought mainly in Cuba and the Philippines.
    1905, 355 Seneca-Cayuga were reported as students attending the Seneca School, in Oklahoma.
    1907, The Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory, known as the Twin Territories, were combined to                    become the state of Oklahoma.
    1917-1918, World War I
    1929, Stock market crashed.
    1930, The Great Depression. Farms were abandoned, facories and mills closed, causing many families moved              to cities.
    1940-1945, World War II, World War I
    19501953, Korean War.
    19641972 Vietnam War
    1970, Seneca-Cayuga Bingo build administration programs.
    1977, Seneca-Cayuga medical clinic is built.
    1982, Seneca-Cayuga Bingo Hall opens.
    1988, Seneca-Cayuga builds new Bingo Hall opens.
    1992, Iroquois Indian Museum opens in NY, Schoarie County.
    1999, Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company
    2000, Seneca-Cayuga, Miami, Modoc, Ottawa, Peoria, Cherokee, and Quapaw unite medical clinic.
    2007, Seneca tribe acquires 600 acres of longtime Boy Scout camp
    2009, New Community Building opened (Grove)
    2009, Seneca tribe acquires New York (state) Convenience store
    2010, purchased motel/restaurant complex within reservation boundaries "Cowskin Prairie Motel"(Grove, OK)

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