The turtles back or shell is comprised of thirteen large plates and bordered by smaller sections.
    It is representive of the new moons. Starting above the turtles left leg and counting clockwise. The Iroquios named twelve moons, and inserted a "lost moon" every 3 years.
    "The Midwinter Moon", The year begins with a week long ceremony in February to help refresh the hunters that would be returning from their fall hunt.
    "The Sugar Moon" or "The Maple Moon", The Maple ceeremony would be held during March with the gathering of maple sap.
    "The Fishing Moon", the "Thunder Ceremony" was held in April, when the first sounds of thunder would be heard in the spring. The Iroquois would move at this time to were there fish migrated for harvesting.
    "The Planting Moon", the "Planting Ceremony" was held in May to pray for successful crops.
    "The Strawberry Moon", the "Strawberry Ceremony" was held in June with the first crop of wild strawberries.
    "The Lost Moon", the "Son and Moon Ceremony" was only held in July however it was regularly and depended on the weather. Aother ceremony held during the summer was the "Little Water Ceremony".
    "The Green Bean Moon" aslso known as "The Blueberry Moon", in the month of July the "Green Bean Ceremony would be held with the seventh moon.
    "The Green Corn Moon", the "Green Corn Ceremony" was celebrated with the harvest of sweet corn in August.
    "The Fresh Moon", month of September
    "The Harvest Moon", Harvest ceremony was in October with harvesting of crops.
    "The Hunting Moon", month of November.
    "The Cold Moon", month of December.
    "The Very Cold Moon", month of January.