Alvin Clifford Brown
”1905 - 1945”

    Alvin Clifford Brown

    "The warrior has fought the courageous fight.
    The battle of the dark night of the soul is won.
    New energy now fills the Warrior.
    A new path is now laid before them.
    A gentler path filled with the inner-knowing of one who has personal empowerment."

      Alvin Clifford Brown
      was born 2 Jul 1905 in Ok.
      He passed away 7 Nov 1945 in Stanislaus, Ca.
      Alvin married Henrietta Imogene Rakes, they had 2 children:
      who both died in infancy, abt 1930
      Children: Marilyn Rose, Harry Brown
      His parents were William S and Susannah Kariho Brown
      Grandparents:John Sr and Melinda Davis Kariho

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