Barnabus Hobbs "Barney" Armstrong
”1888 - 1965”

    Barnabus Hobbs "Barney" Armstrong

    "To Walk the Red Road is to know your Ancestors,
    to call to them for assistance
    It is to know that there is good medicine, and there is bad medicine.
    It is to know that Evil exists,
    but is cowardly as it is often in disguise.
    It is to know there are evil spirits
    who are in constant watch for a way to gain strength for themselves at the expense of you."
      Native Proverb

      Barnabus Hobbs "Barney" Armstrong
      Birth: Oct. 25, 1888
      Death: Aug. 8, 1965
      Spouse: Susie Dawson Armstrong (1895 - 1987)
      Son of Jack Armstrong & Elizabeth Davis.
      Burial: Council House Cemetery Wyandotte Ottawa County Oklahoma, USA

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