Chester Clyde Charloe
”1924 - 1980”

    Chester Clyde Charloe

    "Although Death walks beside us on Life's road,
    A dim bystander at the body's start
    And a last judgment on man's futile works,
    Other is the riddle of its ambiguous face:
    Death is a stair, a door, a stumbling stride
    The soul must take to cross from birth to birth,
    A grey defeat pregnant with victory,"
      Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

      Chester Clyde Charloe
      Birth 8 Jan 1924
      Death May 1980 in Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahoma
      Parents: Emmett Charloe and Delpha Lnu
      Grandparents: Henry and Minnie Spicer Charloe
      Great Grandparents: David Charloe
      Great Greatgrandparents: Roundhead Charloe
      Great Grandparents: John and Mary Etta Spicer
      Great Greatgrandparents: Seth amos and Louisa Spicer

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