Dennis Eugene Charloe
”1945 - 2018”

    Dennis Eugene Charloe

    You ask me to stay
    You ask me to stay, if Only for one more day.
    I wish I could, but it's time for me to go.
    Please don't cry, for I could never really leave you.
    Close your eyes, feel my warm embrace, my kiss upon your brow.
    Don't worry, I'll always be here.
    As the spring rain softly falls, the trees begin to bud and the flowers begin to bloom, I'll be there.
    As the summer breeze cools you, and the children laugh and play, I'll be there.
    As the leaves begin to turn their bright wondrous colors, I'll be there.
    As the snow gently falls, covering the earth in a soft blanket of white, I'll be there.
    Look into my grandchildren's eyes, see them smile, hear them laugh, I'll be there.
    So cry now, if you must, but remember your tears are for you, not for me.
    I've gone home to live with God, and one day soon I'll be standing at Heaven's gates,
    my arms opened wide to welcome you home,
    where we'll all be together again.
      Diana Blokzyl

      Dennis Eugene Charloe
      23 FEB 1945 - 19 JAN 2018
      BURIAL: Bassett Grove Cemetery Grove, Delaware County, Ok
      Parents: Oliver and Jessie Choate Charloe
      Sister: Delores Charloe England
      Brother: Oral James Charloe

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