Donald Workmon
”1953 - 1995”

    Donald Workmon

    "A dying man needs to die,
    as a sleepy man needs to sleep,
    and there comes a time when it is wrong,
    as well as useless, to resist."
      Stewart Alsop

      Donald Workmon
      Aug. 19, 1953 - Feb. 26, 1995
      born on August 19, 1953, in California, the only child of his parents.
      He died on March 26, 1995, in Madera, California, at the age of 41, and was buried there.
      **US Air Force
      Parents: Edward and Julie Moore Workmon
      GrandParents: Nathan and Ada lavesta Smith Workmon
      Great Grandparents: Jacob and Lucinda Melvina Wolfenbarger Smith
      Great Great GrandParents: John and Mariah Charloe Wright Smith

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