Donna Lynn Hartness-Poweska
”1945 - 2019”

    Donna Lynn Hartness-Poweska

    They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
    Death cannot kill what never dies.
      William Penn

      Ms. Donna Lynn Hartness, 74, of Tulsa, OK, died November 16, 2019
      at Cornerstone Hospital in Broken Arrow, OK, from complications after
      fighting & beating cancer for a third time, over a ten year battle.
      Donna was born in Pawhuska, OK, on November 13, 1945,and was the eldest
      daughter, out of three, of Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dolly-Rue Hartness,
      preceded in her death.
      She graduated from Pawhuska High School in 1963 and then attended
      Oklahoma City University in the fall. She later continued her studies
      and attended Tulsa University (TU) in 1964, where she then graduated
      in 1967 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, while eventually obtaining
      her Masters Degree in School Counseling.
      After this time, she began a selfless career in public school teaching &
      counseling, caring for children and teenagers of all walks of life in
      areas such as, Tulsa, Pawhuska, Osage County, New Jersey, and Florida.
      In fact, she helped many inner-city kids complete their education and
      live a better life since the 1960s. She even at one time was a Juvenile
      Probation Officer in Osage County in 1986, and was a timekeeper for
      Joyce Pipeline in the Catskills and for the Murphy Brothers Pipeline in
      Blakeslee, PA.
      In September of 1969, she married the love of her life,
      Mr. Pierre (Pete) Marcel Poweska, preceded in her death. Donna met Pete
      while she attended TU and in May of 1974, they had their first daughter,
      who changed their lives forever, Catherine.
      Throughout her many wonderful years, Donna was employed as a lifelong
      teacher and school counselor, which she later retired as a counselor
      from the Tulsa Public School System in 2007. Donna was also a devoted
      loving member of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation tribe, which she was so honored
      to be a part of as well as a proud lifelong citizen of the Tulsa and
      Pawhuska communities of where she resided throughout the years.
      She loved watching OU football, tennis, and many other sports and greatly
      loved her beloved dogs and cats.
      Donna also travelled the world visiting some amazing places throughout
      Europe and Japan, where she continued to share her love and guidance to
      many others around the world.
      Overall, Donna was a wonderful, hardworking, kind hearted, thoughtful,
      modest, caring, strong constitution, and a highly giving soul to everyone
      she came across. She provided so much unconditional love to all of her
      family members, as well as friends and acquaintances. She would literally
      give you the shirt off her back or a place to live temporarily, so you
      could get back on your feet again. Donna will be greatly missed by all,
      yet cherished from all she touched forever on this planet.
      Donna leaves her beautiful beloved daughter, Catherine Rue Poweska-Russell,
      who is also a school counselor like her mom and so much like her in many
      ways, her son-in-law, Michael Russell, and beloved wonderful grandson,
      Parker Russell, who she was always so proud of in so many ways.
      Donna also leaves two beloved beautiful sisters, Pamela Rogers and
      Suzanne Hartness, including all of their beloved wonderful children,
      Shawna Rogers, Taryn Howard, Seth Fentress, and Tristan Fentress.
      Donna also leaves her wonderful beloved great nieces and nephews,
      Milan Rogers, Johnathan Kleckner (preceded in her death), Juliet Engler,
      Jake, Justin, and Jase Howard as well as Bristol Fentress and Samira Maloku,
      and her great great niece, Clementine Rogers. She loved them all so much.
      A Rosary Service for the life of Donna Lynn Hartness-Poweska will be held
      at 7pm on Tuesday November 19, 2019, at the Kendrick McCartney Johnson Funeral
      Home Chapel and a graveside service at 10am on Wednesday November 20, 2019,
      at the Pawhuska City Cemetery.
      Resource: Kendrick McCartney Johnson Funeral Home

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