Douglas Schwietert
”unk - 2015”

    Douglas Schwietert

    "After Glow"
    Id like the memory of me to be a happy one.
    Id like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done,
    Id like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways,
    Of happy times and laughing times and bright and summer days.
    Id like the tears of those who grieve,
    to dry before the sun,
    Of happy memories that I leave When life is done."

      Douglas Schwietert
      passed yesterday afternoon, July 8th, 2015.
      He is the Great Grandson of Annie Crow Johnson,
      Grandson of Dorcas Johnson Birgam and Son of Shirley Birgam Schwietert.
      Douglas Schwietert lost his battle with cancer yesterday and passed peacefully in the afternoon.
      He left many, many loving friends and family who will miss him greatly.
      Doug was a talented and well-known artist in the Kansas City area and
      has a current exhibition at the Leedy Voulkos Art Center at 2012 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO.
      Artist Bio:
      I am a self-taught artist,
      and have been making work for as long as I can remember.
      I find that the aged and battered objects and images
      commonly used in my assemblage and collage
      want to form themselves into puzzles to be
      solved by the viewer. My job is to fight that tendency,
      and to keep the work simply puzzling and open-ended.
      My work can mean anything anybody wants it to.
      There are no solutions.
      Accessibility is my ultimate goal.

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