Esther Myrtle Azul Heffelman
”1904 - 1981”

    Esther Myrtle Azul Heffelman

    "Don't be sad-
    I am in a snowflake,
    I am in the rays of sun,
    I am in the sparkling of stars."

      Esther Myrtle Azul Heffelman
      was born on April 15, 1904, in Arizona,
      the child of Harry and Anna Elizabeth.
      She married Elmo Proctor Rainbolt in 1926 in Arizona.
      She had three children by the time she was 28.
      She died in September 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 77.
      According to the Rainbolt Genealogy Book: Page:# 215 Individual# 925 {s#2}
      Last Known Residence: Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
      Her occupation was listed as "Indian Services"

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