Helen Jean 'Nehn-Dohn-De' Whitetree Dick
”1934 - 2001”

    Helen Jean 'Nehn-Dohn-De' Whitetree Dick

    There is a sacredness in tears.
    They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
    They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
    They are messengers of overwhelming grief
    and unspeakable love.
      Washington Irving

      Helen Jean 'Nehn-Dohn-De' Whitetree Dick
      was born on March 19, 1934, in Oklahoma, her father, Jacob Longbone, was 29, and her mother, Esther Arizona Whitetree, was 33. She married Herman "Lelos" 'Paa-Pe-Maa-Tha-Ka' Dick on December 26, 1974, in Dallas, Texas. They had six children in 16 years. She died on May 3, 2001, in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, at the age of 67, and was buried in Rogers, Oklahoma.
      Resource: ancestry.com

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