Henry Frank, Jr.
”1924 - 1978”

    Henry Frank, Jr

    Henry Frank, Jr
    Birth: Jul. 22, 1924 Joplin, Missouri
    Death: Aug. 9, 1978 Perry, Oklahoma
    Note: The official birth certificate lists Henry Frank, as Benjamin Henry Frank, although he was known only as Henry Frank, Jr., and that's how he's listed on his death certificate. His American Indian name given to him by his parents was Io-Wy-do-qua.
    Henry Frank's father was Henry Frank, Sr. Henry Jr.'s mother was Ruby Geboe. Ruby's father, John Geboe, was a French Canadian and her mother, Lucy Bearskin, belonged to the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe. Ruby first married Henry Frank, Sr. and then James Comiskey. Ruby died on April 17, 2000 in California.
    Henry Frank, Jr. married his beloved wife on Aug. 9, 1946. He was killed in an auto accident on his 32nd wedding anniversary.
    Family links:
    Henry Frank (1900 - 1991)
    Ruby Geboe Comiskey (1905 - 2000

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