Ida Guyami Rhodes
”1901 - 1979”

    Ida Guyami Rhodes

    "The death of someone we know
    always reminds us that we are still alive
    Perhaps for some purpose which we ought to re-examine."
      Mignon McLaughlin

      Ida Guyami Rhodes
      Oct. 9, 1901 - 1979
      Ida was born on October 12, 1900, in Oklahoma, the child of James and Sallie.
      She married Bliss Rhodes on October 14, 1930, in Oklahoma.
      She died on December 24, 1979, in Miami, Oklahoma, at the age of 79, and was buried in Wyandotte, Oklahoma.
      Parents: James and Sallie Mush Guyami
      GrandParents: Hiram and Mary Crow Mush

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