John W Bearskin
”Dec. 10, 1894 - Jan. 1, 1959”

    John W Bearskin

    "Life is but a stopping place,
    A pause in whats to be,
    A resting place along the road,
    to sweet eternity.
    We all have different journeys,
    Different paths along the way,
    We all were meant to learn some things,
    but never meant to stay
    Our destination is a place,
    Far greater than we know.
    For some the journeys quicker,
    For some the journeys slow.
    And when the journey finally ends,
    We will claim a great reward,
    And find an everlasting peace,
    Together with the lord "

      John W Bearskin
      Birth 10 Dec 1894 in Oklahoma >br> Death 1 Jan 1959 in , Alameda, California, USA
      Parents:George William Bearskin and Sarah Soloman Bearskin
      Married: Rena Whitetree Bearskin
      Birth 24 Sept 1898 in Oklahoma
      Death 8 June 1952 in Council House Cemetery, Ottawa Co., Okla
      Renas Parents: Birch M and Susan Whitetree
      Child: Kenneth Bearskin 1918 – 1978

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