Julia V Kariho Brown
”1873 - 1944”

    Julia V Kariho Brown

    "I thank Creator for the ways of creation.
    For eyes to see the beauty of creation.
    For ears to hear the sounds of creation.
    For the heart to understand the ways of Creator
    For hands to touch
    For words to teach little ones the ways of Creator
    I pray for love for all our relations."
      phil gottfredson

      Julia V Kariho Brown
      Birth 4 May 1873 in Kansas/Oklahoma Indian Territory
      Death 1944 in Possibly Seneca, Missouri
      Marriage to Marvin Monroe Brown 1897 May Age: 24
      Death 1944 Age: 71 Burial: Possibly Seneca, Missouri MOST LIKELY TAKEN BACK TO BROWN CEMETERY IN WYANDOTTE, OK
      Parents: John Sr and Melinda Davis Kariho
      Children: Marvin Monroe, Lillie May, Howard Henry, Callie Naomi, Hobert Monroe, Richard Raymond, Gladys Viola, Beatrice Rose, Phyllis Pauline

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