Julian Haskell Kariho
”1908 - 1974”

    Julian Haskell Kariho

      Julian Haskell Kariho
      Birth: Jul. 5, 1908 Oklahoma
      Death: Mar., 1974 Grove Delaware County Oklahoma
      Julian Haskell Kariho was the son of John H. Kariho Jr. and Rosa B. Julian Haskell Kariho was born in Oklahoma the year after statehood and passed away in Grove, Deleware, Oklahoma. Julian had several brothers and sisters, including Ruth Kariho Broome.
      She is buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa. Julian was the brother-in-law of Thomas Franklin Broome, Ruth's husband. He was uncle to their children; Charles F Broome, James Thomas Broome and Leo Broome.
      Burial: Bassett Grove Cemetery Grove Delaware County Oklahoma
      Parents: John H Jr. and Rosa B "Rosie" "Rose" Bassett Kariho

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