Julia Ann Nuckolls
”1948 - 1951”

    Julia Ann Nuckolls

    "For death is no more than a turning of us over
    from time to eternity. "
      William Penn

      Julie Ann Nuckolls
      was born in 1948 in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, to Forest Vandel "Toots" and Ruth Stevenson.
      She died as a child on January 7, 1951, in her hometown,
      and was buried in Delaware County, Oklahoma.
      Julia Ann was named after her grandmother. Granddaughter of Samuel and Julia Splitlog Nuckolls,
      great granddaughter of Richard and Sarah Whitecrow Splitlog,
      great great granddaughter of Mathias and Eliza Splitlog.Julia is survived by her sister, Nancy Nuckolls Brown Walker.
      Resource:census, ancestry.com

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