Linda Jean Splitlog
”1947 - 1950”

    Linda Jean Splitlog

    "Then the child opened its eyes,
    and looked up into the angel�s beautiful face,
    which beamed with happiness,
    and at the same moment they were in heaven,
    where joy and bliss reigned.
    The child received wings like the other angel,
    and they flew about together,
    hand in hand."
      Hans Christian Andersen

      Linda Jean Splitlog
      Linda Jean Splitlog was born in 1947, the only child of Robert and Mary. She died as a child in 1950.
      Parents: Robert Splitlog and Mary Morrison
      GrandParents: Grover Cleveland Splitlog and Myrtle Carey
      Great GrandParents: Henry B Splitlog and Elizabeth West
      Great Great GrandParents:Mathias Splitlog and Eliza Charloe Barnett

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