Lizzie Charloe Whitetree Peacock
”1880 - 1944”

    Lizzie Charloe Whitetree Peacock

    "Before death, life is a seeker.
    After death, the same life becomes a dreamer.
    Before death, life struggles and strives for Perfection.
    After death, the same life rests
    and enjoys the divine Bliss with the soul.
    Before death, life is Gods Promise.
    After death, life is Gods inner Assurance.
    This Assurance of Gods
    we notice while we fulfil God in our future incarnation. "
      Sri Chinmoy

      Lizzie Charloe Whitetree Peacock
      Birth 7 Jun 1880 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
      Death 1944 in Bassett Grove Cemetry Age: 64
      Parents: David Charloe and Rose Bearskin
      Married: Richard Whitetree 1879 –
      Children: Harry, Ogal, Gertrude
      Married: Thomas Peacock
      Children: Elmer Thomas, Elnora

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