Louis Wabaunsee
”1949 - 1949”

    Louis Wabaunsee

    "We are such stuff Dreams are made on;
    And our little life is rounded with a sleep."
      The Tempest, Shakespeare

      Louis Wabaunsee
      Louis Wabaunsee Birth: Sep. 30, 1949 Death: Sep. 30, 1949 Parents, Leroy O Wabaunsee and Reva Harris married Sep. 13, 1942 Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri Grandmother:Florence IsabelHubbard Wabaunsee Aitkins Great grandson of Charles Bigtail Hubbard and Lizzie Parents: Leroy O. Wabaunsee (1922 - 1984) Inscription: Son of Leroy and Reva Wabaunsee We miss you Burial: Greenwood Cemetery Eureka Greenwood County Kansas, USA
      Resource:Find a grave website

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