Louise E. Schrimpscher Rhatigan
”1916 - 2010”

    Louise E. Schrimpscher Rhatigan

    "Who She Was
    The memories of the past are vague
    The hurts are forever and forgiven
    What I have today is what there is forever
    And those are the memories of all I have to hold on to.
    In my mind I remember a face,
    one of beauty
    One with rarely a frown
    And almost always a smile
    a kind gentle smile
    I hear her voice as she says kind words to all who she knew
    The words were soft
    And they were who she was
    In the air I breathe
    I know she is there
    To guide and protect all who she loved
    I will forever be grateful
    I was born through her to love"
      Bonnie Hampton

      Louise E. Schrimpscher Rhatigan
      was born on September 11, 1916, in Kansas,
      her father, Mathias, and her mother, Lillian Rendal,
      She died on June 2, 2010, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the age of 93.
      She was married to Marvin Rhatigan
      She served in the US ARMY during WWII
      Service 7/2/10, at Claremore Veterans Center Memorial
      Resource:census, ancestry.com

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