Mark Edward Bryan
”1960 - 1976”

    Mark Edward Bryan

    "Those we love remain with us,
    for love itself lives on."
      Unknown Author

      Mark Edward Bryan
      Birth: Mar. 22, 1960
      Death: Jan. 24, 1976
      Mark Edward Bryan was the son of Dale Oliver Bryan & LouAnn Fortney-Bryan-Washington. He was the beloved brother of 7 siblings. Janna (Jeanna) Irene Bessie, Jawaynia (Ducky) Elaine Walker, James (Bo) Dewayne Fortney, Vicki Dale Plunk, John Edgar Bryan, Cathryn (Cathy) Ann Bryan, Douglas Dean Bryan, and the Uncle to 30 neices and nephews.
      Inscription: "Maybe Tomorrow"
      Burial: Nelagoney Cemetery
      Osage County Ok

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