Michael Ray Bitsie
”1961 - 1991”

    Michael Ray Bitsie

    "When someone you love becomes a memory,
    the memory becomes a treasure."

      Michael Ray Bitsie
      Birth: Mar. 26, 1961
      Death: Nov. 23, 1991 New Mexico
      Michael is the son of Vivian Bitsie.
      Vivian Bitsie was born in Wyandotte Oklahoma.
      The Parents of Vivian Bitsie was David and Ellen Logan.
      Vivian is buried at Sunset Cemetery in Gallup NM.
      A sister of Michael, Freda Yvonne (Bustamante married name)
      is also buried at Gallup City Cemetery.
      She was also killed Nov. 3,1983 in an auto accident
      on the same road going to Farmington NM.
      Michael was in a car accident going to Farmington NM. He was in the back seat.
      Grandparents of Michael Bitsie were David S. Logan and Ellen Logan of Wyandotte Oklahoma.
      Ellen Logan was born May 15,1913 and died Aug 1972 Wyandotte, Ottawa, Oklahoma.
      David Logan was born March 15,1908 and died Aug 7, 1990 Miami, Ottawa, OK.
      Resource:census, ancestry.com

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