Mildred Terry "May" Geboe Frank
”1908 - 1988”

    Mildred Terry "May" Geboe Frank

    "For what is it to die,
    But to stand in the sun
    and melt into the wind.”
      Kahlil Gibran, from “The Prophet

      Mildred Terry "May" Geboe Frank
      Nov. 23, 1908 - June 9, 1988
      Mildred T. Geboe was the daughter of John Chartis Geboe and Lucy Bearskin Geboe of Wyandotte, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.
      Mildred or May, as she was known, married Joseph E. Frank on February 23, 1925 in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.
      Joseph's parents were Tingo and Amanda Jones Frank, of Arbeka, Seminole County, Oklahoma.
      Mildred had two siblings that married two of Joseph's siblings.
      Her sister, Ruby Geboe first married Henry Frank and then divorced him after approximately 20 years of marriage.
      Ruby's second husband was James F. Comiskey, whom she married circa 1943.
      Ruby is buried in the El Camino Memorial Park Cemetery, Serrento Valley in San Diego, California.
      May's brother, John C. Geboe, married Ella Mae Frank.
      John and Ella remained together their entire lives.
      They are both buried in the Forrest Lawn, Covina Hills Cemetery.
      Early in their marriage, Mildred and Joseph Frank moved from Oklahoma to California.
      They had three children from their union.
      Their daughter, Mary Louise Frank, who was born July 15, 1926 in Oklahoma preceeded her mother in death on September 2, 1981.
      Mary Louise married Robert Turney.
      Mary Louise's two siblings both survived their parents in death.
      Mildred and Joseph's marriage ended in divorce. Joseph died February 19, 1968. May never remarried.
      When May passed away in 1988, she was laid to rest in the Forrest Lawn Cemetery in Covina Hills, California.
      Parents: John Chartis and Lucy B. Bearskin Geboe
      Spouse: Joseph Edward Frank
      Siblings: Ruby, Mildred, Christine, Renee, and John Chartis Geboe
      Burial: Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Covina Hills), Covina, Los Angeles County, Ca

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