Oral James "Sonny" Charloe
”1939 - 2001”

    Oral James "Sonny" Charloe

      Oral James "Sonny" Charloe
      Birth 29 Nov 1939 in ok
      Death 20 Jun 2001 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon Age: 61
      Marriage to Eileen Bernice Glenn 1967 2 Nov Age: 27 Multnomah, Oregon, United States
      Parents: Oliver Charloe and Jessie Choate
      Grand Parents: Henry Charloe and Minnie Spicer
      Great Grandparents: David Charloe
      Great Great Grandparent Roundhead Charloe
      Great GrandParents: Daniel Spicer and Malinda Flint
      Great Great Grandparents: Small Cloud Spicer Cah-Quee-Nah Crow

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