Ritchie Vaughn Ellis
”1991 - 2019”

    Ritchie Vaughn Ellis

    They Say
    They say I'm sorry for your loss. They say your heart will mend.
    They say you're in a better place and death is not the end.
    They say you're reunited with loved ones gone before.
    They say that you'll be waiting when I walk through heaven's door.
    I feel their love in every word of comfort they impart
    and know that each is spoken from deep within the heart.
    But all the words of comfort, though kind, sincere, and true,
    can't take away the emptiness I'm feeling without you.
      Ron Tranmer
        Published: January 2015

      Ritchie Vaughn Ellis from Wyandotte, OK born 07/05/1991 died November 17, 2019
      Grandfather:Henry Ellis
      Resource: www.ellisfuneralhome.com https://www.fourstateshomepage.com/news/skeletal-remains-found-in-national-forest-in-barry-co/

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