Sarah E. Whitecrow Splitlog
”1852 - 1886”

    Sarah E. Whitecrow Splitlog

    "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."
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      Sarah E. Whitecrow Splitlog
      When Sarah E. Whitecrow Splitlog was born on August 15, 1852, in Kansas, her father, Jacob, was 38 and her mother, Theresa, was 33. She married Richard Splitlog in Oklahoma. They had seven children in 12 years. She died as a young mother on December 12, 1886, in Oklahoma, at the age of 34, and was buried in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Birth: 1852 Death: 1886 Wife to Richard Mother to Alexander, Richard Jr, Ida, Inez, Cynthia and John Burial: Council House Cemetery
      Resource:Find a Grave website

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