• Thomas J Armstrong
    (July 6, 1884 ~ 1957)
  • Commemoration

    Thomas J. Armstrong
    ”1884 - 1957”

      Thomas J. Armstrong

      "As we look back over time
      We find ourselves wondering …
      Did we remember to thank you enough
      For all you have done for us
      For all the times you were by our sides
      To help and support us …..
      To celebrate our successes
      To understand our problems
      And accept our defeats
      Or for teaching us by your example,
      The value of hard work, good judgement,
      Courage and integrity
      We wonder if we ever thanked you
      For the sacrifices you made.
      To let us have the very best
      And for the simple things
      Like laughter, smiles and times we shared
      If we have forgotten to show our
      Gratitude enough for all the things you did,?We’re thanking you now.
      And we are hoping you knew all along,
      How much you meant to us."

        Thomas J. Armstrong
        Chief Thomas J. Armstrong Thomas Armstrong served as Chief of the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma from 1937 -1939, and 1941 through 1947.
        On the 26th of April, 1937, under the leadership of Chief Thomas Jefferson Armstrong the tribal constitution was prepared and adopted. He would also later serve as a councilman.
        Birth: Jul. 6, 1884
        Death: 1957
        Married Flossie Binkley and Theresa May McClellan Armstrong (1894 - 1964)*
        Children: Kenneth Jackson Armstrong (1924 - 2006)*, Tommy J Armstrong (1932 - 2003)*, Mona Armstrong, Nina Armstrong
        Son of Jack Armstrong & Elizabeth Davis.
        Burial: Council House Cemetery Wyandotte Ottawa County Oklahoma, USA

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