Taylor Davis
”1858 - 1926”

    Taylor Davis

    Never take life for granted.
    Savor every sunrise, because no one is promised tomorrow
    or even the rest of today.
      Eleanor Brownn

      Taylor Davis
      Birth ABT 1858
      Turkey Ford, Deleware, Indian terrority, Ok Death 3 SEP 1926
      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      Parents: Louis Davis and (discrepancy on last name) Nancy Kah-wah-sa-ne-ah Bill or Young
      Spouses:Elizabeth Tallchief, Sarah Smith, Eliza Hatt
      Children: Taylor Davis JR, Coffee Floyd Garland Davis, Malinda Lynn Davis, Peter Davis, Eliza N Davis,
      John Davis, Rosa Davis, Charlotte Davis, Annie Davis, Bert Davis, Ida Davis
      Resource: Miami NewsRecord, ancestry.com

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