Theresa M Stoner
”1963 - 2000”

    Theresa M Stoner

    "To laugh often and much;
    to win the respect of the intelligent people
    and the affection of children;
    to earn the appreciation of honest critics
    and endure the betrayal of false friends;
    to appreciate beauty;
    to find the best in others;
    o leave the world a bit better
    whether by a healthy child,
    a garden patch,
    or a redeemed social condition;
    to know that one life has breathed easier
    because you lived here.
    This is to have succeeded."
      Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Theresa M Stoner
      Birth: Mar. 11, 1963
      Death: Apr. 4, 2000
      Burial: Modoc Cemetery Ottawa County Ok
      Parents: Paul and Dorothy McKenna Stoner
      Grandparent: Evelyn Spicer

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