Widow Mary Crow Mush
”1826 - 1903”

    Widow Mary Crow Mush

    "A telling analogy for life and death:
    Compare the two of them to water and ice.
    Water draws together to become ice,
    And ice disperses again to become water.
    Whatever has died is sure to be born again;
    Whatever is born comes around again to dying.
    As ice and water do one another no harm,
    So life and death, the two of them, are fine."
      Han Shan

      Widow Mary Crow Mush
      Widow Mary Crow Mush, known as the Widow Mush was born about 1826. She had one daughter and raised her 2 grandchildren. Sallie and William
      She died on June 5, 1903, having lived a long life of 77 years.
      Resource:census, ancestry.com

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